What Our Clients Have To Say...

Thank you for such a wonderful experience! you were so personal with my son. Thank you for taking special time with each child. You are talented!

It was great that you divided the classes by ability.  The kids are constantly occupied which is great for their short attention spans.  We appreciate your no-nonsense approach.  Great informative website – parents can do everything from home or work

Both of my children have met their goals.  Reice is swimming with confidence without her floaties.  Eric is stronger in the water.

We loved it.  Personalized lessons even in a group setting.  We loved the focus on learning proper techniques and we could really see great improvements in my son’s confidence level and technique.  Thank you for great lessons

We are 110% satisfied with both the group and private lessons.  Thank you !  We have been very pleased with swim lessons.  Last year Devin would not put his face in the water or float and this year he was doing that in the first few lessons.  He seems much more at ease in the water even though he forgets “turtle speed.”  We’ll continue working on that.  Devin has already asked if he can come back for another set of lessons.

I was very pleased with the skills and confidence my girls gained by attending Swim Smart.  I felt like there was a great balance of authority coupled with affection for the students..

I loved the life saving skills added to swim lessons.  Learning to roll over and float on your back when tired is great for kids!

You have done an excellent job with Madison and Morgan.  Madison loves the backstroke and she wanted me to tell you.  Maybe she will try the  Tsunamis next summer.

Linda has a special talent for recognizing and teaching those subtle changes (like the way you hold your head or how you exhale your air) that vastly improves a child’s capabilities and comfort in the water. 

We are very satisfied with the Swim Smart lessons!  I’ve seen vast improvement in swimming skills in just two weeks.  We look forward to next summer.  Thank you!

Growing up with a structured Red Cross program I have been disappointed before this.  The emphasis on safety and taking the time to explain the how’s  and whys of correct technique has made all the difference.  The boys are swimming with less effort and more confidence.  Thanks, Anne Marek!

The swim lessons were great!  An hour would be great.  We will be back.

I had no idea my son would do so well!  I can’t believe he jumps into the pool.  Thank you so much!  You all have more than met our expectations. 

Your technique for teaching is awesome.  Over the years of being involved with children in swimming classes, you are ranked “10” on a scale of 1 being lowest to 10 the best.  Thanks for the experience I have given your web site to at least three other people.  Much success !!

Thought it went great.  My son now wants to go to our swimming pool and practice what he has learned.  He enjoyed the class and improved his swimming skills.  Can’t ask for more.

After a few years of my boys taking swim lessons elsewhere, I am so impressed to see how much they have learned in such a short time.  They no longer thrash around with a float on their back as they did in their other lessons.  Even my youngest is swimming with no float.  A safe atmosphere for my kids to learn.  The classes are the perfect size and I feel like my kids each received plenty of “one on one” time each day.  We will definitely be back.  Thank you!

The instructor is very patient with students.  She encourages students who are intimidated by the water or who are scared. I will recommend instructor to anyone.

Loved the lessons.  We are going to sign up again.  Thanks you!

Very satisfied.  Thank you!

Very pleased with what was taught.